Coaching rooms for hire in Warsaw

In case the room was not free at the time you want to book it, we invite you to make use of our other rooms insted. Rooms we rent in Warsaw offer comfort and homelike atmosphere. Warm colours we use and our friendly staff make it easier to relax and get rid of unnecessary tension. This is why many personal coaches and counsellors make use of our faciites. You are more then welcome to drop us a visit before renting any of the rooms and see it for yourself.

All prices without VAT tax (23%)

Coaching room 1 (12 m2)       Location:  ul. Puławska 255a lok. 1

This room is located on the ground floor of the building. With three comfortable armchairs it is a place for any meeting, coaching, therapy or consulting.
Room price
39 zł / godzina
279 zł / dzień

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