Rooms for hire - terms & conditions


1. A booking without our confirmation (by email) is not valid.

2. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia is not permitted on or around Archeion property. Intoxicated persons will be required to leave the facility immediately.

3. Archeion is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building. 

4. Decorating for an event must be done within the rental time period. No tacks, tape, staples, wire or putty are allowed for attaching decorations.

5. It is the responsibility of the Renter to enforce compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement by individuals attending the event sponsored by the Renter.

6. The Renter agrees to be held responsible for the conduct and behavior of the persons in the rental group.

7. Renters agree to show respect for residents, staff, members, volunteers and other users of the Archeion facility by:
- limiting noise level of the event,
- keeping participants within the rented areas,
- making sure restrooms and other public areas are left in reasonably clean conditions,
- making sure that shoes or other foot covering is worn by participants at all
times,prohibiting animals in the building, with the exception of animals
specifically for the use of a person with a disability.
Renters who display inappropriate conduct, such as loud talking, yelling, cursing will be required to leave the facility immediately.

8. The Renter accepts responsibility for any injury to persons or property that is a result of the Renter's actions. The Renter agrees to reimburse Archeion for any damages to the property or costs incurred as the result of the Renter's actions.

9. Renter agrees to protect and indemnify for costs, legal, and other expenses Archeion, its directors, and agents from all claims, liabilities related to or arising from any acts of omissions of such groups in use of Archeion facilities. Proof of liability coverage may be required. The Renter shall only use the designated rooms as stated in the agreement.

BOOKING & PAYMENT for international clients

1. After receiving your booking details, we send you a ProForma Invoice, covering 100% of the booking. It needs to be paid before the date of the rental.

2. After receiving money transfer for Proforma Invoice, we consider booking process to be completed.

3. We accept no cancellations. The money paid in the above mentioned way is non-refundable. If you are not quite sure if you are going to use our facilities or not and yet want to have the room booked, please email us to notify that you would like to pay a booking fee instead of a total reservation cost. In such a case we issue ProForma invoice covering 50% of the reservation value and consider it a non refundable booking fee. Still, after you ensure that you want to make use of our facilites, the remailning 50% needs to be paid before rental.

4. Unless your booking is made according to the rules mentioned above, we do not guarantee that the room you plan to book will be available at a given time.

5. Whenever the final cost of your reservation exceeds the total stated in the ProForma Invoice (eg. you decide to take more coffee breaks, stay in the room longer, take extra equipment) the balance needs to be paid after receivng the final Invoice after the rental.

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